KPI Analyst

KPI Analyst offers a complete range of reporting, tracking and analytical tools to manage your KPIs in a simple and effective way. It reduces the time taken to identify root cause of problems, highlight over and under performers or simply just see a snapshot of your current performance levels. It is an effective tool to maintain your performance levels as well as ensure that goals and targets are achieved.

KPI Analyst enables:

  •  Easy management of your activity levels to meet target levels
  •  Drill down into performance data to determine source week or strong performance
  •  Multi-dimensional reporting with detailed analysis of trends and statistical data 
  •  Definition of any KPI which reflects your individual needs and circumstances
  •  Merge of numerous data sources into meaningful real-time information

System is equipped with dynamic and interactive dashboards which provide a powerful top-level summary of the performance of your business. The customizable KPI Dashboard can by customised to your needs and let you choose how to present your KPIs and reports. You can choose from various chart types, trend and statistical analysis. Intuitive interface enables you to select sub-set of data for more detailed and precise analysis of company performance.

System includes extensive KPI database library with examples how and where to use them. Build-in creator guides you through the process of KPI definition for fast deployment into new areas of the business.

Data can be imported from your spreadsheets or directly from other IT systems such as ERP, CRM or bespoke programs made specifically for your business. In event of the paper based systems, information can be inputted directly by hand.

KPI Analyst is a system which allows for very fast and gradual implementation of KPIs. System can grow with your reporting needs and expand into new areas of the business without need for capital investment in IT systems and infrastructure.


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