KPI Analyst is an easy to use online service, providing functionality required to define, manage and track all of your company’s Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Dynamic and interactive dashboards enable to ‘drill down’ into multi-dimensional reports to establish a root cause for a high level or disappointing results.


Balanced Scorecard provides a comprehensive top-level summary of company performance. All of strategic KPIs are visible on the panel, with the ability to ’drill down’ into the detail. BSC helps managers to steer their business in the right direction, which is aligned with strategic objectives. Managers can see how one part of the company is impacting on other key areas of business like product quality, timely delivery or incremental sales.


With Benchmarking module it is possible to consolidate key metrics and insights to get a clear view of business processes throughout organization and how your company is performing against sector average. This method helps to ensure that each area of your business is performing on sufficient levels to be a market leader ensuring competitive advantage. By looking at trends, Benchmarking makes it simple to determine how company is performing over different periods against market trends and its competitors.


Virtual Analyst is a comprehensive online service for managing and monitoring company’s KPI based on Managing by Objective method. Service offers a user specific range of multi-dimensional KPI reports and dashboards providing detailed analysis by consolidating key metrics for end-to-end visualization of business performance. System reduces the time taken to combine various data sources into single point and meaningful real-time information.



One of the most useful features of the Virtual Analyst is an ability to define unique KPIs suited to individual company needs. This functionality can be delivered either by modifying one of the predefined KPIs from internal database or creating totally new and specific metric to be used in production, logistics or HR area, just to mention few. In this section we show examples how to select KPIs for your Balanced Scorecard given specific strategic objectives.

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